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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How do I activate my free flight ticket?

I won a 300 dollar flight ticket (valid for 1 year) by giving up my seat in a recent flight. Now I want to fly from west texas to houston and i saw online that the price is around 300. I want to use my free ticket for this trip. But how do I make a reservation with this free ticket? Should I call Continental airlines and ask them to book the seat for me without me paying anything? Or can this be done online as well?

Answer 1 :
Best thing would be to call the airline and arrange for this over the phone. Make sure to keep a record of your reservation number. The airline might ask for your email address so a ticket confirmation can be sent. Print this and keep it. You will need it when you check in at the airport.

Answer 2 :
You have probably received a gift certificate. This can be used on-line when you come to the payment section.

From Continentals web:

"If you are redeeming a gift certificate or electronic travel certificate, they can be redeemed at the Payment Information page during the flight booking process."

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